NFL Betting Guide

Welcome to UncleSamsBets NFL Betting Guide where we will make sure you know everything that you need to before you jump into gambling on NFL.

NFL Betting Guide

There are a few different ways to bet on the NFL, extending from easy to complex. Sportsbooks offer vanilla point spreads and totals, money lines, live betting, props, and future bets. While these choices are offered on most other major sports, for football there is a to a great liquidity in the market because of the high volume of wagering activity every week. One could argue that most NFL decisions are based on gambling of some sort.

For instance, the league as of late has included more Thursday night games. Why would that be? In all probability, the NFL realizes that individuals will occupy themselves from different exercises and focus on their activity on a weeknight, just in light of betting activity to keep them intrigued.

There has been a rise in overseas games, and talk of teams moving outside the USA, to build more popularity and include more potential bettors. The NFL will never come out and just say it, however betting really drives the league and its development. There is no exact method to quantify the amount of activity, on the grounds that a high level of it happens underground amongst bettors and illegal bookies. Be that as it may, in light of the “lawful” activity online and in Vegas, football is really taking off. Likewise simply take a look at the ongoing TV ratings for the Super Bowl between New England and the Giants for additional evidence that it truly leads the world of entertainment.


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NFL Betting

Each sportsbook that offers NFL activity likewise offers point spreads and totals for each game. Here’s an example of a standard listing for a game.

New York Giants +2 (+100) +135 54o-115

New England Patriots -2 (-120) -145 54u-105

The best approach to read that board would be as 3 separate wagers. The first is the regular spread. For this situation, the Patriots are – 2, and – 120. This implies the Patriots need to win by at least 3 or more points for you win your wager, and you chance $120 for each $100 won. In the event that the game ends and New England wins by precisely 2, all wagers are refunded.

The second wager is a moneyline bet. This wager does not consider any spread. You chance more for this situation on the off chance that you wager New England. So as opposed to paying $120 for each $100 win, you chance $145, however in the event that New England wins by 1 or (at least 2) you win. The last section is the total of 54, with the over having a risk amount of $115 for each $100 won. This wager is basically the total points scored by the two teams. In the event that it lands on the number precisely, all wagers are refunded.


Since points in American football come, generally, in groups of 7s, this influences how spreads are set. A team that is expected to dominate the match may be favoured by 2 touchdowns, or 14 focuses. A tight game more often than not has a 3 point spread. You rarely see spreads such as -8 or -5 because it is hard to have a game end up with that particular winning margin. Point spreads extend anyplace from a pick em (no spread) up to as high as 21 focuses, with the exceptionally uncommon instance of a diversion being 21+, which happened a couple of years prior when New England completed the normal season 16-0. But most games are expected to be closely matched. Thus the spreads for the vast majority of games is less than 10 points.


Totals can run from around 35 points up as high as 60, contingent upon the teams involved, the weather and playing conditions, and the stakes. Playoff games are usually a tad lower scoring as defences ramp up their intensity and determination and any outdoor games bring weather into play. Recent rule changes that emphasize the passing game have made totals to go a bit higher than before. The kickoff has been climbed, bringing about more touchdowns, which has made bookmakers modify their totals.


When betting on NFL, it is better to search for books that offer up more value on spreads. Compare a few different books and see if your chosen book has lines similar to the others. If the majority of books have a line at -3 (-110) but yours shows -3 (-115) or -3 (-120) you may want to consider wagering the underdog or searching for a new place to punt. Some books try to scam you or give you bad value, be careful.

You can quite easily find bets on the spread, moneyline, and total for 1st halves, 2nd halves, and even quarters at most bookies. It’s a relatively boundless source of action for bettors when you factor in that every week includes such a large number of games.

Live Betting

There is a growing market for live betting, especially in the National Football League. Most nationally televised games have live betting now. Normally it is just the spread, moneyline, and total, but some intuitive books have been offering props and other “yes or no” type bets during live play. Live betting spreads can vary wildly, especially after a big play such as a “pick 6” or fumble return for touchdown. This high volatility in spreads adds loads of risk, however, can be very compensating also.


There is a wide range of props offered too. Most books have been in the habit of offering props for each standard season game. Also for preseason and the Pro Bowl, throughout recent years. It used to be just the Super Bowl that had heaps of props, however now that has all changed because of the Internet.

Prominent props incorporate “will either group score 3 times in succession?” and “which group will score first?” There are many more and it appears like each season includes an ever-increasing number of props, which is obviously useful for the bettor as he has greater options to look over. More often than not props are either a “yes/no” wager or an “over/under” wager. So you can have a prop that says “Eli Manning passing yards, 314” and afterwards you can wager over or under. Or on the other hand, you can wager something like “will Eli Manning toss an interference?” which is a yes or no decision.

There are team props and individual player props. For the Super Bowl, there is a greater choice offered. These uncommon props incorporate different coin toss bets, halftime bets, bets on the TV ratings, bets on advertisements, bets on the stock market action the day after the game, and even cross game bets, for example, “what will be higher, Duke free throw attempts or Eli Manning completions?” The choice is extremely just restricted to the creative energy of the bookmaker. Once more, consistently appears to offer an ever-increasing number of props.


Future wagers are wagers that are settled at some point out later on, thus the name. These wagers can be set a very long time ahead of time or as short as 2 weeks. Numerous months prior to the NFL season begins, there is now regular season win totals posted at a few books. These bets won’t settle for almost a year. Futures markets are offered for divisions, conference championships, and the Super Bowl, mostly well in advance. It is not difficult to find a place to bet on next year’s Super Bowl.


This essentially implies if something is working, you stay with it until the point when it quits working. This may be something, for example, a backup QB coming in and playing admirably, or a team consistently covering the spread when they are playing in prime time. You can see this happen over and over again, not simply in football but rather all through sports.

NFL Betting is Fun

Making a bet is simply easy. There is activity all around and most books take any wager up to $1000. A few books obviously take a whole lot higher wagers. Especially during the Super Bowl wagers as high as $100,000 were easily bet. Also, there were some high profile players wagering a million in Vegas.