Golf Betting Guide

Welcome to UncleSamsBets Golf Betting Guide where we will make sure you know everything that you need to before you jump into gambling on golf.

Golf Betting Guide

Golf is one of the very few sports that has withstood the test of time. The first game of Golf was played way back in the 15th century, in the beautiful and scenic country of Scotland. A lot has changed since the 15th century however the basic concept of the Golf remains the exact same and the basic concept of this sport will never change.

The simplicity of Golf is a fundamental reason why so many people around the globe are drawn to the sport of Golf as a pastime and as a follower of the professional sporting scene of Golf.

The last 20 years has been massive for the game of Golf and especially the professional game, which is gone from strength to strength. The emergence of golfing stars like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy has helped boost the popularity of this sport further and further. Now Golf is attracting younger and younger generations to this beautiful sport.

Now Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth lead the way for the younger generation. Golf has also grown in popularity in recent times due to the reintroduction of Golf as an Olympic sport. Golf was introduced to the 2016 and 2020 Olympic schedule. Justin Rose landed the spoils in the 2016 Games in Brazil.

With an endless schedule of tournaments such as the four majors which are The Masters, US Open, PGA Championships and British Open along with a plethora of other tournaments. Betting on this sport can be profitable for all punters/gamblers with an understanding of the sport. This understanding can be obtained from reading this thorough guide to betting on Golf.


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Types of Golf Betting

General types of Golf bets include:

Sportsbooks offer various bets on Golf tournaments, with the Majors usually seeing the biggest selection of markets. The majors namely being The Masters, US Open, PGA Championships and British Open.

These general types of Golf bets include Outright winner, first round leader, Top 5 finish, Top 10 finish, Top 20 finish, Hole In One market, top continental European player, Top American, Top Irish, Top British etc along with Winning margin, wire to wire win and will there be an albatross? along with a host of other bets you can punt on.

The options are endless really with some operators we have on board at UncleSamBets.

Ante-post bets explained:

Ante-post bets or Future Bets. These are a great way to obtain some value. Most top bookmakers list odds for hundreds of golfers for all 4 majors, months in advance of the tee off.

As these bets are ante-post bets this means that if your player/golfer does not qualify, or is injured, or retires before the competition is over, your bet is sadly lost.

Trends and Strategies

For many a year, the strategy for betting on Golf was simply, lump on the master that is Tiger Woods. Then sit back, enjoy the tournament and watch your bankroll grow from strength to strength. However, those days are well and truly gone. At present even though Tiger is in good form he hasn’t won a Major in years.

At present, there are numerous top pro’s that are all more than capable of winning a Major, as the odds would suggest. Golf is such a mentally draining sport and confidence cannot be understated. Confidence can be a deciding factor in deciding which golfer has the edge in a particular tournament.

One strategy that we focus on at UncleSamBets, that has worked out pretty well previously has been to bet against the leader heading into the final round, naturally being on the final day.

There have been several colossus comebacks from 5+ shots back going into the last round. As a result, it is fair to say no lead is safe heading into the final round on a Sunday. The bookies will give nice odds on the field, especially if the leader is 2-5 shots clear of everyone else, keep your eyes open here for some real value. When we find it we will inform you.

What to look for in a Sportsbook when betting on Golf

As the game of golf continues to grow from strength to strength, betting on golf also continues to surge in popularity. As a result, bettors must pay close attention to the different odds available to them, as there is such a variation from sportsbook to sportsbook.

Some sportsbooks are ultra-aggressive with enhanced place terms and also offer markets very early, while other bookies post markets late and offer very short odds to attract amateur punters. After reading this blog post at UncleSamBets you will be anything but amateur.

Most bookmakers these days have live betting for Golf and the vast majority have for the majors, some even offer live streaming of Golf events and especially again for the Majors. Other bookies feature specials that aren’t found anywhere else. So do your homework.

Having a bookmaker that pays out quickly and securely is vital and this cannot be understated and not just for golf betting, but for every sport in question. Be sure to analyse various sportsbooks to find the best odds available and enhanced place terms. At UncleSamBets we have selected these bookmakers for you, so only bet with what UncleSamBets has recommended on his site.

Golf Betting Events

There are several events in the Golf world that punters like to bet on. However, the four examples below are the busiest times for golf betting. These four tournaments are known as the “Majors”.  As stated previously the majors are The Masters, US Open, PGA Championships and British Open.

These four majors are explained in detail below:

The Masters – This spectacle takes place annually in the second week of April.  The event is always held at the Augusta National Golf Club and the majority of us would associate this event with the “Green Jacket”.

PGA Championship -The PGA championship is another annual major golf tournament and it takes place the weekend ending third Sunday in May. The great thing about this event is that it’s played on a different course every year, which always makes things interesting for betting purposes.

US Open – Like above and below this is another annual event. It’s the 2nd major PGA competition. This event occurs in June (weekend ending third Sunday in June) of every year and many golf purists turn out in their droves due to the great weather at hand.

British Open – The British Open is the oldest of the four Majors. Also, it’s the only Major to be situated outside of the United States
of America. The Open Championships draws a lot of attention and it brings Britain to a halt in July of every year.

At UncleSamBets we have all the information you need for Golf betting. As always, enjoy gambling on Golf but more importantly gamble responsibly.