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The LeBron James affect

LeBron returns to Cleveland tonight for the first time since his well-publicized move to LA. But how have both teams been faring since King James made the switch?

LA Lakers

LA are starting to hit their stride, having won their last 5 games. They currently sit in 3rd place in the Pacific division and 8th in the Western Conference. However, LeBron is starting to show his mark and the Lakers will be expected to climb those rankings in the coming weeks. In the last game, James scored 51 points in just 38 minutes, as LA beat another of his former teams, Miami Heat, 113-97. It’s not all great news for the Lakers, though, as they still look inferior to conference favorites Golden State Warriors. The affect of LeBron is already showing, however, as LA Lakers are performing a lot better than last season, where they finished 11th in the conference with a win percentage under 50%. A big win over Cleveland tonight would show the importance of having LeBron in the team.


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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland’s form this year is in drastic contrast to last season where they managed a respectable 4th place in the Eastern Conference. This year, so far, they have already lost their coach as they have slumped to the bottom of their conference, having won just 2 in 15 at this stage. The Cavs have not won away from home since April, when they defeated the New York Knicks. Tyronn Lue was sacked as head coach after losing the first 6 games of the season, and his replacement, Larry Drew, is not doing much better. On top of all this, Kevin Love, who signed a huge contract extension after James left, is missing through injury and needs an operation on his foot. Life after LeBron is pretty dismal for the Cavs right now, and with LA Lakers starting to find real form, it could be about to get a whole lot worse.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs LA Lakers Tips

LA Lakers to win (1/6)

LeBron 30+ points and Lakers to win (2/1)

LA Lakers -9 handicap (10/11)

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LeBron James wins his first game with LA Lakers

LeBron James won his first game with LA Lakers, finishing with 19 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists in a dominant win over Phoenix Suns 131-113.

Game Stats

LA Lakers

Points: Lance Stephenson – 23

Assists: LeBron James – 10

Rebounds: Lance Stephenson – 8

Phoenix Suns

Points: Devin Booker – 23

Assists: Devin Booker – 7

Rebounds: Deandre Ayton – 11

Stephenson had 23 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists coming off the bench. Whilst, JaVale McGee, Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart also made significant points tally’s respectively.

Phoenix guard Devin Booker also had a decent game with 23 points before coming off injured. Whilst, Deandre Ayton and Tyson Chandler scored 22 and points points.

Ultimately it was a convincing win for LeBron and co.


LeBron James moving to the LA Lakers

Did LeBron have ulterior motives in Lakers move?

With the NBA season less than a month away, today we have a look into the biggest move this summer, with free agent and arguably the biggest name in basketball LeBron James moving to the LA Lakers.

The Move

LeBron left his hometown club the Cleveland Cavaliers in a four-year deal said to be worth in the region of $154 million and left after not only winning the championship for the Cavaliers but also personally appearing in eight consecutive NBA finals. The last time the Lakers made the NBA final was 2018, and are hoping with LeBron at the helm their fortunes will change.

James has however already warned Lakers fans to not immediately expect to compete with reigning champions the Golden State Warriors, led by none other than Steph Curry. LeBron has said…

“We’ve got a long way to go to get to Golden State. We can only focus on what we can do to get better every day as a Lakers franchise and hopefully some day we can put ourselves in a position where we can compete for a championship as Golden State has done for the past few years.”


However, the move to Los Angeles has come under fire from some, begrudging LeBron’s continued interest in Hollywood as a possible reason for his move. A voiceover role in animated film ‘Smallfoot’ starring various celebrities such as Channing Tatum, rapper Common, ‘Always Sunny’ star Danny Devito and of course LeBron James is merely a scratch on the surface for the three-time NBA champion.

It has also been wildly reported that a sequel to the 1996 hit ‘Space Jam’ is in the works and it will be LeBron instead of Michael Jordan as the man to shoot some hoops with Bugs Bunny. This will, of course, be an extremely lucrative opportunity for LeBron, and with the La Lakers being one of the more marketable NBA teams it seems that the stars have aligned for him at the right time.

However, LeBron himself has insisted that the La Lakers move has had nothing to do with his Hollywood career. James has said

“My decision was based solely on my family and the Lakers, I’m a basketball player. I play ball. That’s what I do. As far as my business is concerned, that stuff has been taking care of itself long before I came out here.”


LeBron James
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LeBron James – LA Lakers


King James, as he is known, has made headlines across the world by signing for the LA Lakers in an incredible deal. LeBron has left his hometown team, Cleveland Cavaliers, for LA on a contract worth $154m over 4 years.


LeBron became a free agent at the end of the 2018 playoffs, which Cleveland lost in 4 games to Golden State. He opted to move to LA Lakers in a move which will be better received than the first time he left Cleveland in 2010. This is because King James helped end Cleveland’s 52-year wait for a professional sports title. It is reported that LeBron wasn’t happy with the direction of the Cavaliers and also wanted to move to LA for the sake of his other business interests.


LeBron secured a deal worth $154m over 4 years. To break that down, that is $38.5m a year, $3.2m a month and $800k a week roughly. With his other endorsements with brands such as Nike, Sprite and Beats by Dre earning James an estimated $55m a year, he is well on the way to earning over $100m a year.

In comparison, here is what the highest paid sportsmen in the world made in 2017 (source: NY Post):

1) Cristiano Ronaldo – $93m

2) LeBron James – $86.2m

3) Lionel Messi – $82m

4) Roger Federer – $64m

5) Kevin Durrant – $60.6m


How will LA Lakers perform with one of the greatest basketball players of all time joining their ranks? While they are 2nd only to Boston Celtics in all-time NBA titles, their recent seasons have been average at best. They finished 11th in the Western conference so they have a big job on their hands to get near an NBA title.


The bookies clearly think LeBron will have an impact as the Lakers are 5th favourites for the NBA title next season. SkyBet has them price boosted at 10/1. However, that is still a long way off the 8/15 you will get for current champions Golden State Warriors.


LA Lakers to win NBA title – 10/1

Over 52.5 wins in the season – 8/11

LeBron James 2019 MVP – 3/1