Boxing Betting Guide

Welcome to UncleSamsBets Boxing Betting Guide where we will make sure you know everything that you need to before you jump into gambling on boxing.

Boxing Betting Guide

Betting on boxing is extremely prominent among sports fans, and we work with a fair share, if not all of the best online sportsbooks for boxing betting.

Boxing fights are some of the most terrifying and physically draining sporting events out there, and each year hundreds of fighters compete for title fights in the mecca of boxing that is Las Vegas and in other major cities.

The game of boxing involves two contenders (one against the other) whose objective is to either knock out the other warrior (known as a KO) or score a larger number of points than the other competitor by the means landing more punches all through the rounds. A knockout happens when a contender is knocked to the ground and isn’t able to get back up inside ten seconds.

The matches are set up in rounds of which there can be up to 12 rounds or every match or all the more relying upon the type of coemption in
place. On the off chance that the two boxers make it to the finish of the match without a knockout the choice goes to a judging board/Judges
who will decide the victor in light of who scored the most points via getting the most punches on their adversary in the match.


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How to Bet on Boxing

With regards to boxing wagering, there are three noteworthy wagers/type of bets that are acknowledged by online sportsbooks which are outright winner bets, total bets and knockout bets.

Below you can see an overview of all of the different types of main options available to you for betting/punting on boxing.

Outright Winner of the event

Picking the outright winner in boxing is very similar to other sports whereby the punter is picking a winner of the fight straight up or a draw.

Total Bets on the event

The next most popular type of wager in boxing betting is a ‘total bet’. This is where you can wager on one of two outcomes – either the total number of rounds that the match will last or the total number of points scored. These wagers are set up to be on as over/under bets.

Knockout Bet

The last kind of alternative offered while wagering on boxing is a knockout wager. Here you can bet on one boxer knocking out the other. It’s essential to take note that with this sort of boxing wagering you just win if the boxer is knocked out and will not win any other means in question, so be very careful when making this type of wager.

Major Boxing Events

In boxing, there are several different classes, leagues, and titles etc around the world and there are three types of boxing events that
occur in the boxing world. Below are all three.

Title Fights

Also named Championship Fights. These are the most important for boxers and are held in all the weight classes (featherweight, lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight). These usually draw the biggest crowd of in terms of spectators and fans watching on TV, listening on radio etc.

Promotion Fights

Another common type of event in boxing is when “big name” fights between two Boxing stars takes place. These types of fights are enormously lucrative since they attract the most famous boxers on the planet. These fights are profoundly promoted around the globe to bring in large attendances.


The last place where you’ll discover real boxing events is at the Olympic Games every four years, where it has been an ever-present since 1904 when it was accepted into those Games for the first time. During Olympic Boxing events, fighters from qualifying countries compete in a round-robin style event all competing for the medals available, including Gold (1st), Silver (2nd) and Bronze (3rd), which are awarded throughout the tournament.

Strategy for betting on boxing

It’s a smart idea to know your boxer inside out before you begin wagering on that boxer. The simple part about it is that you just need to consider two contenders and not whole groups/teams as in other sporting occasions. Below are some tips on how to beat the bookmaker
at boxing.

Boxing Styles

Knowing what kind of boxer you are wagering on is imperative. Ask yourself all the questions, who has the longer reach, great endurance etc.

Previous Fights

If the boxer in question has fought before, who won? and by how much?


Are there are any fundamental wounds/injuries that may torment a competitor once the bell rings.

Similar Opponents

It’s great to cross-reference how the boxers did against comparable boxers to that he is now competing with.

Compare Odds

Boxing betting odds available can contrast from online sportsbook to sportsbook. Thus, it would be of an imperative for you to compare the odds on the boxers in question before placing your bet/punt. That’s why betting on boxing online is so boundless. At UncleSamBets we have all the information you need! As always enjoy gambling/punting on boxing but more importantly gambling responsibly.