Basketball Betting Guide

Welcome to UncleSamsBets Basketball Free Betting Guide where we will make sure you know everything that you need to before you jump into gambling on basketball and grabbing some Basketball free bets.

Basketball FREE Betting Guide

There are different sorts of bets and markets accessible to fans of basketball, and games over the world have a tendency to follow the same 2-way betting format from the North American diversion. Any overtime is incorporated into the bet, and the most well-known betting markets are the spread, totals, and the moneyline:


The spread is like an Asian Handicap, in that one team will be given a points ‘headstart’ and the other a points ‘deficit’. This enables bookmakers to make everything fair between the two teams and offer generally even odds.


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Here is a case from the EuroLeague where Barcelona Lassa is playing. The spread and the odds are as follows:

Olympiacos -3.5 1.91

Barcelona +3.5 1.91

In this occasion, Olympiacos B.C. must win by four points or more to cover the – 3.5 spread. By contrast, as far as the betting market is concerned, Barcelona Lassa have an extra +3.5 points included toward their score at the end of the game. Hence, if Barcelona Lassa just loses by 2 points, the wager is a winner.


The totals market is a basic wager on what number of points will be scored in the match between the two teams together. Your sportsbook will set a points line, and you can wager that the total will be over or under that line. European punters will be knowledgeable in this sort of over/under wager.

The total line and odds for the same match are as follows:

Over 168.5  1.91

Under 168.5  1.91


The moneyline is another 2-way market, which solicits you to anticipate the winner of the match. This is a basic home or away selection.

The moneyline chances for Olympiacos B.C. versus Barcelona Lassa are:

Olympiacos 1.59

Barcelona 2.50

As should be obvious, Olympiacos B.C are the favourites to win the match, while the chances on Barcelona Lassa are higher as that team is the outsider. In the event that you favour the outsider, it can pay very well on the moneyline, however in the event that you think the favourite will win it could be better to bet on the spread and hope they win by a large margin, in order to increase the odds.

Basketball Betting Markets and Strategies

Beyond the standard markets, many bookmakers offer many different betting opportunities, including the above three markets for the first and second halves, and for each of the four quarters. Other exotic and prop bets include:

Alternative Game Totals

This is effectively the same bet as the total betting listed above. But, the bookmakers offer different lines so that bettors have a choice of bigger odds. If you come to the conclusion there will be a high-scoring game, for example, you might find very attractive odds on over 200 points.

Double Result

The double result allows you to choose which team will be winning at halftime and at fulltime. This is a decent method to boost the odds of a selection but it does come with greater risk attached. For the bet to win, you have to accurately predict the result of both halves of the game.

Winning Margin

As stated, this is a bet on the winning margin of your selected team. Your chosen side must win for the bet to land you generally have options to back a winning margin of 1-2 points, 3-6 points, 7-9 points, and so on, up to 21+ points. There are some large odds in this market, but there is a larger risk of losing the bet.

After those extra markets, bookies also offer other exotic bets. For example, the alternative points spread the race to 20 points, the team with the highest-scoring quarter, and odd or even points totals. In addition, most sportsbooks offer futures, or ante-post, markets whereby you can back a team to win the league, or championship outright.

Basketball Betting Tips, Basketball Free Bets

Such is the huge popularity of basketball, there are matches being played consistently all across the world. Wagering on basketball is in this way huge business and that puts us punters in a decent position as sportsbooks compete for our wagers. Most bookmakers offer sign-up bonuses or welcome offers for new clients and these are constantly worth exploiting to get yourself Basketball Free Bets. Different things to pay attention to while betting on basketball are the bookies with the best odds and the largest range of betting markets. Take a look through our strategy section to find tips and advice on maximizing your profits and minimizing your losses.

If you have begun betting on basketball it is in all likelihood that you enjoy watching the game. You can utilize this further bolstering your good fortune to beat the bookies whilst grabbing Basketball Free Bets. If you are up to speed on the teams and players that are in form or whatever other factors that may influence an outcome, you should have an edge over the sportsbook and can find generous odds if the layers aren’t checking. Finally, make sure to stay disciplined and do not chase losses.