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Top 10 WWE Royal Rumble Matches

In preparation for the Royal Rumble next week, we look back at the best Royal Rumble matches WWE has ever had.

10 – 2002 (Winner: Triple H)

Although Triple H was always the likely winner after his massive comeback from quad surgery, this Rumble still sprung up plenty of surprises. The best was when Maven, of Tough Enough fame, eliminated one of the favorites Undertaker with a dropkick. Although it didn’t end well with Undertaker destroying young Maven after, it was still probably the highlight of his WWE career. Mr Perfect also shocked everyone by coming 3rd, outlasting Stone Cold. HHH won in the end, last eliminating Kurt Angle with a clothesline over the top rope.

9 – 1998 (Winner: Stone Cold)

The Texas Rattlesnake was always going to win in 1998, given he was the hottest thing in wrestling at the time and had already clashed with DX ally Mike Tyson. Despite the predictability, this was still a fun Rumble with Mick Foley entering 3 times a particular highlight (as Mankind, Cactus Jack and Dude Love). The final 2 came down to Stone Cold and The Rock, 2 of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling. Austin won to set up a Wrestlemania clash with WWF Champion Shawn Michaels.


8 – 1990 (Winner: Hulk Hogan)

WWF Champion Hulk Hogan won the 1990 edition back when the winner didn’t get a shot at Wrestlemania. 1990 was just a hugely fun Rumble to watch. There was probably only one spectacular moment, but the whole match is just an enjoyable watch. The biggest moment of the match was a face-off between Hogan and Ultimate Warrior where the crowd went crazy, reaffirming why they had to face each other at that year’s Wrestlemania.

7 – 2017 (Winner: Randy Orton)

While the winner of this Rumble was a little underwhelming (nothing against Orton), the star power in this match was insane. Chris Jericho, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, among others, all competed. The highlights came in the showdowns between Undertaker, Lesnar and Goldberg and Chris Jericho becoming the 61-minute man.


6 – 2008 (Winner – John Cena)

The 2008 Royal Rumble started as it meant to go on with the first 2 entrants being Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. The ending was also pretty special with the number 30 entrant being John Cena, who made a surprise return from injury to an insane crowd reaction. He then went on to last eliminate Triple H with an AA over the top rope.

5 – 2004 (Winner – Chris Benoit)

This Rumble may be higher if it wasn’t for what happened with the winner years later. However, this was a classic. Benoit was given the number one spot by Paul Heyman and managed to overcome the odds. He last eliminated Big Show in one of the best endings in Rumble history, slowly dragging him over the top. This match also saw Brock Lesnar distract Goldberg, setting up their Mania feud and Kane being distracted by the gongs of the old school Undertaker, who would return at Wrestlemania.


4 – 2010 (Winner – Edge)

A lot to talk about with this Rumble. Firstly, we had CM Punk delivering straight edge sermons while eliminating those in his path. Then Shawn Michaels eliminated tag team partner HHH, desperate to win so he could face Undertaker again. Finally, Edge returned from injury to win from the 29 spot. Most surprised by this was Chris Jericho, who had replaced Edge as his tag team partner when Edge was injured.

3 – 2007 (Winner – Undertaker)

2007 produced the best ending sequence to a Rumble as Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had a mini-match within a match almost. At one point Michaels did his famous kip up at the same time Undertaker sat up. 2007 also featured dominating cameos by Kane and Great Khali, before he became a comedy act.

2 – 1992 (Winner – Ric Flair)

For the first time ever, the WWF Championship was up for grabs and 1992 brought out a hugely star-studded Rumble. Undertaker, Sid Justice, Sgt Slaughter, Randy Savage, Ric Flair and others fought for the right to become champion. Flair won from the number 3 spot, last eliminating Sid Justice with the help of the Hulkster. This match was also known for the legendary commentary of Bobby Heenan throughout the Rumble.

1 – 2001 (Winner – Stone Cold)

Austin’s third Rumble win was, in our opinion, the greatest Rumble ever. This match featured new records as Kane eliminated 11 men, a celebrity appearance from Drew Carey (well, some of you might know him anyway), a legendary return from Honky Tonk Man (using the term legendary very loosely I’ll admit) and weapons being used. Stone Cold finally won after delivering a stunner and 3 chair shots to Kane before clotheslining him out of the ring.

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