NFL Preview - Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL Preview – Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL Preview – Pittsburgh Steelers

Our NFL Preview continues with us taking a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers, second favourites for the Superbowl title.

Last Season

The Steelers surprised no-one by going 13-3 last year and winning the AFC North Division. However, they lost an incredibly close Divisional Playoff against the Jacksonville Jaguars 45-42 in an incredibly close game. Expect them to want to avenge this and go one better this season.

Major Transfers

Nothing really of note for the Steelers this season, which is usually their transfer tactic. LeVeon Bell seems to be holding out for a new contract however and if they can keep hold of him then this will be their major signing of the summer. The Steelers are a completely different team without him so if his head is turned and he leaves, Steelers would do well to even win their Conference.


The AFC North is arguably the toughest division to call which due to how competitive the teams involved are. Fuelled by what seems to be a genuine rivalry, the matches in this division are rarely pretty. Should win their division, although the Ravens and Bengals will be hoping to take advantage of any potential Steelers slip-ups and definitely have the ability to do so. AFC Championship game will be their minimum requirement though with the talent in their roster.

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