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NFL Preview + Season Picks

Ahead of the new NFL season, we give our predictions for Super Bowl champions, conference winners and standout players.

1) Who will win the SuperBowl?

Jack – For me, it’s going to be a Rams/Jaguars final with the Rams to come out on top. The Rams have gone all in this year and will be looking to improve upon their great performances last season. Cooks and Suh are also big, big signings for them. It’s now or never. The Jags will prove worthy opponents however with arguably the best defence in the league. They perhaps should have made the Superbowl last year if it weren’t for their own bad coaching, although Running Back Leonard Fournette is one of the finest in his position in the league which will give them a chance.

Rob – I’m going with the Patriots. They’re always strong and should win their conference group pretty easily. The Eagles look the closest challengers for me but I’ll stick with the Patriots. They did lose some talent over the offseason but with Brady and Belichick back and Josh McDaniels in offence, it won’t affect them too much.

2) MVP’s for the season?

Jack – Jared Goff to win the MVP award as he will be the winning sides QB. The genuine belief from myself that he will be regarded as one of the finest QB’s in a few years time and this will be where it starts for him. Coming into his 3rd year after being the number one overall pick 2 years ago, he’s progressed pretty quickly. Also led the top offence last year with his insane chemistry with Todd Gurley. Brady another who is always hard to overlook and Aaron Rodgers may be in with a shout if he bounces back from injury and reaches his high standards and the fact that Packers rarely perform when he’s missing. Saquon Barkley for me will win Rookie of the Year. Number 2 pick in the draft meaning he went to the Giants but the Giants have seemingly improved their offensive line and he will be an absolute workhorse for then. With this in mind and him being the player of his calibre I fully anticipate a big season for Barkley.

Rob – I am resisting the easy pick here in Tom Brady as I want to go for someone different. I’m expecting the Saints to have a big season in what is a tough group. Therefore, my pick is quarterback Drew Brees. Barring a miracle, he will also break the record for all-time most completions being 78 behind current leader Brett Favre.

3) Surprise Package?

Jack – The Browns will surprise a few teams this year. Much improved from the disaster of a team last year supplemented with an underrated signing in QB Tyrod Taylor should give Brown’s fans some hope. They won’t win their conference by any means as the AFC North is so difficult but to not finish bottom and have a decent record will go a long way in their recovery. And they can’t possibly get any worse, right?

Rob – For the odds they’ve been given, I’m gonna go with Detroit Lions. They have a lot of potential in their team and if they can click together then they have a chance of achieving something special.

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